I am trying to post blog entries, but don’t find I have a lot to say. My practice is steady, even, unassuming. No huge challenges just getting deeper into the poses I have. The problem is the backbending, oh the nasty, unpleasant back bending. Again today, a sweaty mat made getting traction difficult. I did at least stand up for my assisted drop backs, but I was full of feelings of hatred. They just hurt too much. What to do? Surely pain is the bodies way of telling you not to do something. Every day H or whichever assistant is helping me will try and coax me into doing at least one full drop back, but I don’t want to. SO THERE.

I think I have decided to get a Jute ecomat, in green. I am still contemplating whether to get a yogaitoes towel thing too, but they seem rather expensive for a bit of towel. I would prefer a cotton rug, but I think they have run out at the shala, and I don’t want to buy one on the Internet as I want to see what I am getting first. Hmm.

Right, I don’t want to be at my computer anymore… Goodnight.