Back in October when my old Ecotex mat had worn thin, I found a Reebok mat in the back of my cupboard (a freeby with a block and belt a couple of years back) and started using that for practice. I had imagined it wouldn’t be much good, but it has lasted me well, until today, that is. It was really hot in the shala and that combined with sweat has turned the mat into a skid-pan. I actually gave up on backbends as I just didn’t have enough traction under my hands to push myself up. So, now I need to get a new mat/get a cotton rug, or both.

My ‘self practice’ over the last couple of days was a pathetic attempt with me only managing 1 sun sal on both Monday and Tuesday. I lack self discipline when it comes to practising at home!!! As a result of my laziness and my holiday in China I feel like my practice has suffered. It just felt a bit rubbish today 😦 I will not be as lazy in San Diego and will try and maintain my daily practice whilst I am there.

I have concluded that WordPress do not review what appears on their front page, I assume it is just randomly generated because at the top of the links today:

In How To: An*l s*x Positions : The Deep Stick

hmm, how family friendly!