The thing about booking a last minute trip is that you don’t have much time to worry about it before you go, however, you don’t have much preparation time either.

I am surprisingly organised at work with only 2 urgent matters that need to be done before I leave, then about 5 that I should to do. I feel calm about it, which is great.

Sadly, outside the office is total disorganisation. Tomorrow I need to get floor and wall tiles, and possibly trek back to Ikea to try and get the missing doors for my kitchen units, but first I have to work out which ones are missing, which will mean trying to marry up the doors (still in boxes) with the units (also still in boxes). Argh

I also need to pack and work out how much currency I need and possibly order it too. Need to work out if I have sunblock, mosquito repellent, etc etc at home, or if I need to buy them. What about ear plugs, sleeping pills, flip flops?? Wahhhhh. Tomorrow will be a long day …