I have very little time and lots to say, so here goes…

The fridge arrived at 6.10am this morning – what were they thinking?!? I did make it to practice after though πŸ™‚

I am going to China on Friday hooray, visiting Beijing, Xi’an, Yangshuo and Hong Kong. It’s an action packed 10 days – just my thing, not restful at all πŸ˜‰

I will have to miss practice tomorrow in order to get my visa form in at 8am. I had considered an early practice, but it’s already late and I’m still awake and will need my wits about me tomorrow in order to get vast quantities of work finished before I go. Not something that can be undertaken on little sleep.

The flat is even more hectic than before and stinks of solvents. I have moved into my bedroom.

I found my guidebook to the Yucatan placed next to the toilet when I got home – the builder must have selected it from my bookshelf as some light reading…. :-S

When things upset me, I never speak my mind, I just keep quiet. I am far too non-confrontational. I must change that.

Oh, and yoga, yes that was fine πŸ™‚
Right, sleep! Goodnight.