I have been doing some spring cleaning today, partly because it’s bank holiday and partly because I am feeling emotionally tumultuous!! Getting rid of old stuff is good 🙂 I off loaded 2 bin bags full of old clothes at the charity bin this evening, and that really is only the start. I have also unblocked the U-bend on my bathroom sink – a necessary evil whilst it is the only sink I have in the flat, and have cleaned the windows!!!

Yoga wise – um, there has been none. I did manage 5 days last week though. I had thought about going yesterday, but after going to Roller Disco on Saturday night (yes, I was a bit old for it!), I wasn’t awake early enough to get to the shala. Obviously today is moon day, but it looks like I won’t practice tomorrow as I had a call from the people delivering my fridge saying they would deliver between 7 – 11 am tomorrow, so that means that I can’t get to the shala. I might attempt home practice. We’ll see – I do have my mat here as I took it home with me on Friday to clean. The sudden warmer weather over the last few days suddenly made it smell 😦

I had planned for the last couple of months to take a holiday this month, my visa Russian Visa to visit my brother was not forthcoming (thanks bro), so something else shall happen. I really would like to get out of the flat and get away from the chaos that getting the kitchen done is causing. I may go back to my old plan and go to China for 10 days. I had thought I would postpone until next year in view of my friends getting married in Sri Lanka later in the year, but that isn’t till November and I feel like I need to get away. I also found out that TheEx-MrH is going to China this week, and as I had the idea ages ago, it has made me feel like going more. Nothing like a bit of unhealthy competition! Anything you can do, I can do better – lalala….. Gosh, I really should grow up 😉