i am: alive
i think: a lot
i know: a little about a lot of things
i want: to take some time off
i have: more clothes than I need
i wish: I had more time
i hate: making mistakes
i miss: warm weather
i fear: losing my independence
i feel: content
i hear: chatter
i smell: DKNY perfume
i crave: sunshine
i search: for fun gifts for my friends
i wonder: if the weekend will be fun
i regret: nothing
i love: company
i ache: from yoga
i care: too much
i always: sleep on the right side of the bed
i am not: good at letting go
i believe: in destiny
i dance: most Tuesday nights
i sing: in the London Symphony Chorus
i cry: in private
i don’t always: answer every question
i fight: seldom
i write: to clarify my thoughts
i win: as often as possible
i lose: socks too regularly
i never: eat meat
i confuse: myself and everybody around me
i listen: carefully
i can usually be found: at work, at yoga or at choir, hardly ever at home
i am scared: of being out of control
i need: more time
i am happy about: life