May 2008

Making an effort to write my blog isn’t just for you readers, but also for me. I love the fact that I now have two years of entries that I can look back on. Not only do they document my yoga but also my general state of mind. Even if I haven’t written in detail about many aspects of my life, my blog entries work as a prompt for me to remember what else was going on.

At the moment, I am not really enjoying being at my computer, I’d rather be doing things, or doing nothing as I am sort-of doing today. It has been a me day, but I have been busy. I have had phone calls with my friend with whom I am going to San Diego, then my mother who has just come back from holiday. I have had a mammoth shopping session, spending far too much money on new work clothes, the excuse being the need for summer work clothes for the conference. I was also so tempted by a pair of shoes, a beautiful cream croc-leather, with pointed toes and a bright yellow kitten heel. They were blissfully comfortable, but I didn’t even dare look at the price. I suspect I will end up buying them in the next week or so, but I am trying not to buy too much as I am excited at the prospect of shopping in the US!

Practice yesterday was quite a speedy affair, I was running a little late, and practicing next to someone who was going through the poses at a breakneck speed, which seemed to influence my speed too. Back bends were rough again, although I did make an effort. I have been reading Gregor Maehlers section on backbending this evening, I hope I can pick up some tips.

Today I bought a yogitoes towel and have washed it twice, as instructed, and hope it will be dry for practice tomorrow. The packaging tells me that sport training can result in serious of fatal injury… oh dear – is ashtanga that dangerous?!!


I am trying to post blog entries, but don’t find I have a lot to say. My practice is steady, even, unassuming. No huge challenges just getting deeper into the poses I have. The problem is the backbending, oh the nasty, unpleasant back bending. Again today, a sweaty mat made getting traction difficult. I did at least stand up for my assisted drop backs, but I was full of feelings of hatred. They just hurt too much. What to do? Surely pain is the bodies way of telling you not to do something. Every day H or whichever assistant is helping me will try and coax me into doing at least one full drop back, but I don’t want to. SO THERE.

I think I have decided to get a Jute ecomat, in green. I am still contemplating whether to get a yogaitoes towel thing too, but they seem rather expensive for a bit of towel. I would prefer a cotton rug, but I think they have run out at the shala, and I don’t want to buy one on the Internet as I want to see what I am getting first. Hmm.

Right, I don’t want to be at my computer anymore… Goodnight.

Back in October when my old Ecotex mat had worn thin, I found a Reebok mat in the back of my cupboard (a freeby with a block and belt a couple of years back) and started using that for practice. I had imagined it wouldn’t be much good, but it has lasted me well, until today, that is. It was really hot in the shala and that combined with sweat has turned the mat into a skid-pan. I actually gave up on backbends as I just didn’t have enough traction under my hands to push myself up. So, now I need to get a new mat/get a cotton rug, or both.

My ‘self practice’ over the last couple of days was a pathetic attempt with me only managing 1 sun sal on both Monday and Tuesday. I lack self discipline when it comes to practising at home!!! As a result of my laziness and my holiday in China I feel like my practice has suffered. It just felt a bit rubbish today 😦 I will not be as lazy in San Diego and will try and maintain my daily practice whilst I am there.

I have concluded that WordPress do not review what appears on their front page, I assume it is just randomly generated because at the top of the links today:

In How To: An*l s*x Positions : The Deep Stick

hmm, how family friendly!

I haven’t found blogging has come easily since I got back from China. I have been pretty busy catching up with work, friends, tidying and going to social functions. Plus, my head feels a bit jumbled anyway.

So, where to begin…

China was excellent, the country is amazing, but so ridiculously huge that I felt that I only got to see a teeny tiny part of it during my trip. It’s definitely one to go back to though. The surprise of my trip was running into the Ex at Heathrow; we were on the same flight. I had assumed he would already have left before I did. Anyway, he probably assumes I am stalking him now, never mind.

During my trip we saw the forbidden city (in the cold and pouring rain)

Then went up the great wall. This was amazing and totally quiet and free of tourists.

After that we travelled to Xi’an to see the terracotta warriors. The sheer size of the site is amazing. The main chamber is enormous, but more commercialised that I had expected. Still good though.

We then travelled south to Yangshou, a true backpacker destination. Lots of touristy shops, rock climbing etc etc. Very nice none-the-less. There are lots of paddy fields and Karst rock formations to see, which made a change from the big city environment of Beijing.

Finally we travelled to Hong Kong. It was quite interesting, but not much to see other than high rise buildings and shops. We were unlucky that the weather was very overcast, so lots of the tourist attractions were lost on us. When visibility is 10 meters you don’t see much from the top of Victoria peak, or a cable car…

I didn’t do any yoga during my trip, so getting back to the shala on Wednesday was great. I had one of those lovely practices where I felt totally flexible, nothing hurt and even baddha konasana was a pleasure. Of course I paid for such a lovely practice with two days of stiff hamstrings and shoulders. It all seems to have settled down again now.

I’ll have to practice at home the next couple of days, tomorrow is bank holiday so the shala is closed and on Tuesday I have a morning appointment this side of town so getting to the shala and back isn’t really feasible 😦

It will be nice to have a day off work tomorrow as I have had a hectic weekend with a wedding yesterday then a christening today. I am not sure what to do with my day though?!?!

(I wrote this on Tuesday, but for some reason just found it in my drafts!)

I had a brilliant time, but am feeling a bit tired. Flight landed at 6am, and am now in the office with
a pile of e mails to sort through and answer. Oh, the joy of being back….

A proper entry will follow at some point, although not today!

The thing about booking a last minute trip is that you don’t have much time to worry about it before you go, however, you don’t have much preparation time either.

I am surprisingly organised at work with only 2 urgent matters that need to be done before I leave, then about 5 that I should to do. I feel calm about it, which is great.

Sadly, outside the office is total disorganisation. Tomorrow I need to get floor and wall tiles, and possibly trek back to Ikea to try and get the missing doors for my kitchen units, but first I have to work out which ones are missing, which will mean trying to marry up the doors (still in boxes) with the units (also still in boxes). Argh

I also need to pack and work out how much currency I need and possibly order it too. Need to work out if I have sunblock, mosquito repellent, etc etc at home, or if I need to buy them. What about ear plugs, sleeping pills, flip flops?? Wahhhhh. Tomorrow will be a long day …

I have very little time and lots to say, so here goes…

The fridge arrived at 6.10am this morning – what were they thinking?!? I did make it to practice after though 🙂

I am going to China on Friday hooray, visiting Beijing, Xi’an, Yangshuo and Hong Kong. It’s an action packed 10 days – just my thing, not restful at all 😉

I will have to miss practice tomorrow in order to get my visa form in at 8am. I had considered an early practice, but it’s already late and I’m still awake and will need my wits about me tomorrow in order to get vast quantities of work finished before I go. Not something that can be undertaken on little sleep.

The flat is even more hectic than before and stinks of solvents. I have moved into my bedroom.

I found my guidebook to the Yucatan placed next to the toilet when I got home – the builder must have selected it from my bookshelf as some light reading…. :-S

When things upset me, I never speak my mind, I just keep quiet. I am far too non-confrontational. I must change that.

Oh, and yoga, yes that was fine 🙂
Right, sleep! Goodnight.

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