I had a great practice today, despite the considerable sleep deficit I am clocking up at the moment. All the singing this weekend meant no more than 6 hours sleep per night 😦

I had a feeling that something was on the cards when I got loads of adjustments today, and lo and behold, after I had finished my backbends I was ordered to stand up and do half drop backs. Well, I have managed to avoid doing them for the last 5 weeks or so! Even the half drop backs hurt my lower spine, no pain no gain, right?

The status of the kitchen is that it is absolutely empty now, all the units were removed on Friday, the new ones are all in boxes, flat pack in my living room. I am not that keen on living in untidy spaces, so I will be glad when it is all finished!

I am generally feeling a bit restless at the moment, I need to do some serious spring cleansing, of both myself and environment. As soon as I get my flat finished I intend to work on moving out and into somewhere new – this will be a good time to get rid of the stuff (read clothes!) that I seem to have accumulated. Personally, I need to let go of a few things, my life just feels too full. Another extended overseas trip would be great – it was a very effective cleanser last year!! I can’t really believe I have been back for over a year now.