I didn’t make it to practice yesterday as I had to wait at home for delivery of my kitchen. It arrived, and today my existing kitchen is being taken out…. hopefully there will not be too much destruction when I get home tonight.

Practice today was OK, it was super quiet in the shala so it was a nice calm environment.

Tonight, more singing.. aiiii…. I am getting a bit bored of it now and would much prefer to be out with friends doing something interesting. I am sure people will go for drinks afterwards, but I don’t want to be out too late as we need to be back there tomorrow at 9.30am.

More singing on Sunday morning, so no weekend practice for me – AGAIN. Oh well, one day, and it will be super special 🙂

I was lured out of the office at lunch time by the promise of 20% off at House of Fraser.. I went for a(nother) DKNY handbag but came back with a top, which is super cool and a pair of Diesel Jeans which don’t really fit properly and will probably have to be taken back. Never mind, they look suspiciously like another pair I have anyway. I do have about 20 pairs of jeans, but most of them don’t fit. I can’t bring myself to get rid of any though, in case I get fat one day and they fit again!