After a few days off, it was back to the mat this morning. Practice was OK, but I am rather stiff from my weekend of aerobic activity.

I went for an aerobics and spa weekend, which was great fun, but I ended up doing 9 hours of classes over two days, so have worked plenty of muscles that don’t get used so frequently in my practice. I managed to get two massages too, which was great. One was a sports massage, so I asked the masseur to concentrate on my sacroiliac area and told him all about the pain I get doing baddha konasana. He did a lot of work to my lower back, and buttock but was generally perplexed as none of his work or the manipulations he tried replicate the pain. His prognosis was that it was a sacroiliac strain and that I should try and rest it for a couple of MONTHS and have some infra-red treatments. I did explain that I wasn’t that keen on taking any time off at all! Over the last eighteen months it has improved despite practising most days, so I don’t think time off will help. I don’t think it was any better or worse today.

I was talking to my friend about tight shoulders, and she told me that she had swapped her mouse into her left hand, so as to balance out left and right hand/arm/shoulder use. I changed my mouse over this morning, and am not having too much trouble with it. The only weird thing that has happened is that my brain feels like it is trying to swap left and right hands over when typing too, so touch typing is a bit wonky!! Hopefully I’ll acclimatise soon!