Another nice practice today, it was relatively quiet in the shala at 7.30 so got straight in and had some spaces to choose from! I went for the space by the window and radiator, I quite like only having a person on one side of me, although it isn’t ideal for any of the utthita hatas as the wall is in the way, and there is a bit of wall that juts out and tries to attack me when in Garbha Pindasana, but otherwise I like it!

Today I practised in my contact lenses, which is a rare treat. Being able to see what people are up to does distract me a little, but it has it’s advantages, not only are some of the other practitioners inspirational, but I also noticed today that when coming into updog, the lady in front really squeezed her shoulder blades together. I tried this and it does seem to cause a bit of chest opening, and probably does facilitate some external rotation of the shoulders. So maybe V’s suggestion can work after all, I was just trying to use the wrong muscles to achieve it. I managed once decent and one reasonable backbend and stuck them both out for 5 breaths, which is a good achievement for me.

Another little project for me is to try and get into lotus unassisted. At the moment my left hip is really stiff and I can’t bring my left leg anywhere close to being able to place it over the top of the other. I am sitting in half lotus at my desk again. My tendency is always to half lotus with my right, but by keeping on working on the left, hopefully that hip will loosen a little.