After Monday’s whinge fest, practice wasn’t too bad. The only down side to it was that I decided to go a little earlier as I am super busy at work, but then ended up waiting for 20 mins. tomorrow I don’t have rehearsal so can work late, so the time pressure is off… 7.30 start, I think!

Today I made a conscious effort to work on my back bend. The best technique seems to be to engage the abs as much as possible, which protects my lower back a bit, then try and push equally with arms and legs. The first back bend is OK, but the second and third are still poor as the first one leaves my lower back hurting. I’ll keep working on the abs….

It was interesting to read V’s post today as I had been discussing the progression to drop backs and ultimately second, with another shala mate on Monday. I have been doing full primary for 4 months. I started drop backs shortly after that, then ‘dropped’ them again a month ago when H came back. To be honest, I don’t feel like my back bend is good enough for drop backs at the moment. I think I can drop back unassisted, although haven’t tried recently, but I know I can’t stand up.

For now I am happy to plod through primary without dropbacks, but rather wish I could find a way to work on chest opening before the end of my practice…