I’m not in a good mood today. I have lots of work to do and had to forsake yoga in order to get to the office early. A mega early yoga practice wasn’t going to happen as I didn’t get home from rehearsal until 11pm last night.

Yesterday practice was messy and uncoordinated. It all feels like a lot of hard work and my spine is really giving me discomfort whether it be bending or twisting. Partly I want to push through it and keep going, but it might be a side effect of some medication I am taking, in which case it may be better to back off, or at least live with it. Backing off isn’t in my vocab though. I don’t like feeling defeated, which I do at the moment.

I did try outward rotation of the arms in my up-dogs yesterday, but the anatomy of my shoulders doesn’t seem to allow any rotation other than inward, and all my messing around with it only seemed to result in tensing up my lower back and crunching the sacral area instead.

More singing again tonight, but will hopefully make it to practice tomorrow.