There is nobody here in the office with me today. I am sitting with 7 empty desks. Hopefully I will feel motivated to do something shortly. I have a conference call in about 5 hours time, at which point I will need to know lots of things about heart valves, so I really ought to start reading now!

I think I had a nice practice today, it felt quite light anyway, but that might have been related to either a) the fact that I didn’t practice yesterday or b) the ridiculously high temperature and humidity in the shala.

It was busy today, Thursday before moonday, but I didn’t have to wait. I am still finding it a bit weird being later into the shala. I much prefer travelling to yoga when it’s really desolate, especially in the spring time when it’s just getting light. Never mind. It is what it is.

At the moment my back is really not wanting to play at bending at all. I tried a back bending mantra this morning you are light and your back is bendy. It didn’t work. Now I am feeling really tight in my thoracic spine between my shoulder blades. I could really do with a massage too. I have one booked in a couple of weeks time, but one in the interim would be most welcome!