I love springtime, and although changing the clocks and having to get up this morning was pretty dire, I feel really energised by the light evening. Well, it’s making me rather restless actually, I want to leave to the office right now and run along the river bank, or something equally mad. I certainly don’t want to be at my desk. But somehow, work must get done also.

Practice this morning was stiff; for the first time in ages I was at at the side of the room, very close to the window, so it wasn’t that warm. It felt like it made a difference to my mobility, back bends in particular were not fun.

My later arrival time again today worked reasonably well, I waited for a few minutes, but was chatting to V anyway, so it didn’t bother me. As I caught the 6.42 train I remembered how I used to take this train last summer, but ended up going earlier as I always had to wait for ages when I arrived. I wonder how the springtime will effect arrival times this year?