I had a really lazy morning today and didn’t get up properly until midday. I stayed in last night, although it was nice to do nothing, I still get twitchy about staying in on a Friday night, even after going out every night last week. It always feels like something fun must be going on out there which I am missing out on.

Practice was fine, I went in at 7.30 again, this works OK as it isn’t too busy and lets me lie in until 6.15, which is great when I am out late in the evening. I am having to let go of my attachment to being in the office early, which is probably good for me. I always stay later, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter that much. I am in the office again today, trying to catch up, but it’s fine because I will only be in for a few hours and I am going out in the area this evening. One of my business partners came and had a word with me last night telling me that I shouldn’t make a habit of coming in at the weekend. It was nice that he was concerned, but he needn’t worry, I don’t intend to make it a habit!

Hopefully tonight will be fun, it’s a charity party in a club near the Savoy, organised by a friend of a friend from choir. I like meeting other singing people. I have some silly new jewellery to wear too, big butterfly necklace and matching earrings. I like shopping 🙂 I was going to post a picture of my new shoes last night but the battery of my camera was flat. It’s charged now, so I’ll try and get around to it tomorrow.

Happy weekend everyone!