My morning yoga, working day and evening singing/social life seems to be catching up with me and I am shattered. I have been out every night this week and it looks like it will be the same way next week too!

I had a lovely meal out with friends last night but ate far too much (for me anyway). The veggie main course option was a bean and mushroom cassoulet which was lovely but left me feeling really bloated for practice this morning. I did a late practice though, arriving at 7.30. I got a space right away 😀 and sweated my way through my usual practice. It was lovely to see some sunshine this morning, it felt almost spring like!

I am out again tonight meeting up with my brother who is back from Moscow for a couple of days, and going to a choir friends leaving drinks. I’m feeling tired already. Not good.

I was going to work late but felt sorry for my bro who was bored in his hotel so have agreed to meet him for dinner at 6.30 before I go to the drinks. I’m not sure when the work is going to get done as I haven’t finished a report which my colleague wants tomorrow, probably because he has promised it to our client then… oops. I think I will have to do some work at the weekend just to catch up.