After a moon day and ladies holiday I was looking forward to getting back to the shala this morning. I managed to drag myself out of bed, onto the bus and on to a train. At 6.10 am, the train stopped between Edgware Road and Paddington. We waited, and waited. Finally an announcement from the driver ‘signal failure’. Great. So, we wait some more, and some more, then, another announcement ‘actually, it’s points failure and there aren’t any engineers awake at this time of the morning’. We wait some more. Finally, another announcement ‘some men in official clothing have appeared, they are about 20 yards in front of the train, doing their stuff’. After an awful lot more waiting, the train finally pulls off very, very, slowly, juddering and jumping along the track. Finally, at 7.10am, the train pulls into Edgware Road station. A two minute stretch of track, covered in 1 hour!!! The driver then makes another announcement ‘I don’t know what this train is doing now, and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting off!’ We wait patiently and are advised by platform staff that we must wait for a new driver. We finally pull off at 7.20am, an hour and a half after I got on the train. Needless to say, I didn’t go to the shala, but arrived at the gym just in time to do their 7.30 am ‘yoga’ class.

I am a terrible student now, especially at classes pitched at a low level. The teacher starts by telling us to lie on our mats with our feet together. Well, this pose has a name doesn’t it – supta baddha konasana? We then did 4 sort of vinyasas, had a rest in childs pose, then did the ‘dancing warrior’ sequence, which was basically warrior 1, then warrior 2 with spinning arms ! Then onto parsvottanasana. Then to the floor for shalabasana, dhanurasana and a half bhekasana, back up again for some balances, then trikonasana. It seemed like a rather strange way to order a class, but I suppose it was better than no yoga at all. She also missed the ‘n’ out of the word asana, which I have heard teachers do before, and may well be correct in some schools of yoga, but I find terms like utkatasa and trikonasa mildly irritating.

Anyway, enough whinging… Work is busy, I have zero motivation and loads to do. For the last two days I have managed to do almost nothing. Not good. It is ‘year end’ in 2 days time and I need to finish everything off. Eeek.