The weather here is awful. It’s a 4 day weekend and I just don’t want to go outside. I ventured to the shops earlier but the wind nearly blew me over and it sleeted – gross.

I haven’t practiced since Wednesday. On Thursday morning I woke up, just, but felt too tired to move. I didn’t get back to sleep so should probably have gone to the shala. It’s funny how a 5 day week of practice was followed by a 2 day week – oops. Then it was Moon day yesterday, and obviously Saturday today. I can’t remember if the shala is open tomorrow or not and V, my AYL guru, isn’t around to ask. I know it is open on Monday from 7.30. I’ll practice at home tomorrow, may see if the neighbour wants to join me. She is just back from 2 months in Thailand and we were discussing all things Ashtanga this afternoon. She isn’t that keen on Ashtanga as she can’t bind Mari D so shouldn’t officially go further, even though she has a very good practice otherwise. I am preaching the practice and all is coming mantra, but she still isn’t convinced. This time last year I couldn’t bind both hands in Baddha Padmasana, had to be really cranked to bind my hands in Suta K. Could only wrist bind Mari A, but now I can bind all of these things and wrist bind all of the Maris. I really think doing the poses up to Mari D on a daily basis would help her… she isn’t convinced and certainly isn’t patient enough to try. Her thoughts are that she has been doing yoga for 8 years and if she still can’t to these things it is because her body is anatomically incapable….. I’ll leave you to come to your own conclusions on that….

I’m staying in tonight and enjoying doing nothing – bliss. 😀