I can tell this post isn’t going to be much about yoga. I have been stuck doing an awful case all day, with a deadline today. I also absolutely had to make an appointment at 4.25 so had to take a half hour trip across town, then back to the office. I managed to get the work done in a three hour stint between 6 and 9pm. I went down to fax out the 57 pages of masterpiece and found both fax machines on the blink. Our receptionist has been away today and nobody had tended to them all day so there were hundreds of pages of faxes trying to get through, meaning I couldn’t even send mine until the incoming faxes were printed. Now I find out that only one of the faxes had a working paper tray, so keep having to swap from one to the other.

Practice was good, I woke up at 4.30 and after about 20 minutes of trying to sleep, I got up. I am glad I went to the shala a bit earlier as the place was heaving. I did get queue jumped into the main room, but it doesn’t matter that much considering I at least had a place to practice.

Right, now the faxes seem to have finally cleared. It has only been half an hour of waiting!

OFF HOME 9.30pm 😦