I had a lovely practice this morning, really fun! I was right that 7.30 would be quiet; the early starters have all finished their primary, and the next batch are yet to arrive.

Being an hour and a half later really makes a difference in the temperature and humidity of the shala. I felt quite hot and sticky, which was a bit unpleasant. When the guy next to me was doing uttitha hasta pandangustasana he actually dripped sweat on me… urgh… although I was very yogic and ignored it. More amusingly, the bloke on the other side of me broke wind rather loudly, he actually seemed to have stopped to sit still for a second, perhaps thinking he might let it out silently; he, H and I had a good giggle about it!

I had one of my claustrophobic moments today, most days I couldn’t tell you who I practised next to, male of female, but today I really felt the male energy having men either side and in front of me. It puzzles me that some days I am totally unaware and other days it really effects me. I can’t even say if I always notice it, perhaps I was surrounded my men yesterday and it didn’t cross my mind….

My respite from drop backs was only temporary. As I was finishing today H tapped me on the leg and said that I would have to start doing them again. Boo… no like 😦

I managed to do 5 practices this week too – I am happy about that. I don’t think I can make Sunday though as I have rehearsal again….