I don’t like factors that I can’t control, like buses. All of the other aspects of getting to yoga are constant and reasonably under my control. Anyway, I waited for far too long for a bus today and was lucky or maybe unlucky enough to get the very last space in the finishing room. Although I am happy to be able to practice at AYL at all, I find doing most of my practice in the finishing room rather unsatisfying. I finally got a spot at Mari D, but felt rather excluded from the energy in the main room. It’s rather like arriving late at a party and finding everyone is already drunk!

On the plus side, the shala was quite quiet when I left at 7.30, so I might do a late start at work tomorrow and practice at 7.30 instead, I could do with a lie in too! Sods law says I’ll get there at 7.30 tomorrow and there will be a queue… it shouldn’t be too bad though, being Friday.