Annoyingly, yoga is currently a stress in my life; which isn’t right. I would call it a secondary stress factor, as the primary stress factor is not having enough time to do everything I want to. So, due to the time pressure, I feel like I have a really small time slot to fit yoga into, and with the shala being very busy at the moment, if I don’t get the timing exactly right, the yoga can’t fit.

I got up this morning and annoyingly got a nosebleed, I have had a cold and am really tired at the moment, and getting nose bleeds is sometimes a side effect of these factors for me. By the time I had got it under control, it seemed pointless going to the shala, not only was I worried about it recurring, which wouldn’t be pretty whilst doing ujjai, but also that I would get to the shala and have to hang around for half an hour, which is time I cannot afford to waste at the moment.

I have been swaying today between not even trying to go to the shala again until next week when some of my stress factors will have been removed, and really wanting to go, because I love my practice. Dilemma.

It’s funny how being at AYL becomes significant. People often ask me why, if the class is not lead, I need to go to the shala anyway, why not just practice at home. Well, it’s just not the same. Practicing elsewhere wouldn’t really be same either, but perhaps should be an option when AYL is full. Oh, I just don’t know. 😦