Ah, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than in the office… CUT….

So, I am in the office. I got up early and practised at home, having never found a solution to the showering problem! I was a bit slow getting started so I only managed standing and the first few seated posture. Better than nothing though. Then I jumped in the car, and drove to Barbican for two hours singing, well, about 15 minutes of singing and the rest watching the film, Alexander Nevsky. I overheard one chorus member say to another that it was rather like Monty Python crossed with Black Adder. I am inclined to agree, but give them some credit as it was made in 1938!.

The concert tonight finishes at 9.30 so hopefully I can speed home and get ready for the morning. I am determined to get up early enough to actually practice tomorrow!

This film is the one that we are accompanying, the sound quality on this clip is awful but it gives you an idea of how the orchestra and chorus fit in