I was taking no chances this morning with my yoga practice and arrived at the shala at 6.10!! It was actually really nice to start off in the main room and do my whole practice in one place, which feels like it hasn’t happened for a while! I got the second to last space, so I can envisage that on other days I might well end up in the finishing room and have to do almost of of my practice in there!

I actually only got up 10 minutes earlier than usual, but was super organised and had got everything ready last night so that I could just pull my clothes on and go…. I think I was also lucky that a bus came straight away – a night bus (!) – then I got straight on a train too. I can see that on an average day, things wouldn’t be so quick.

Practice on the whole was OK. My forward bends are feeling a bit stiff, I don’t know if they are any different really but I was thinking that not practising every day might be having an effect. Nothing else seems to be different really.

And now, back to work, sign….