So, tomorrow I probably will get up earlier, because I am a yoga addict and I need my morning fix… I DO NOT WANT IT TO BECOME A REGULAR OCCURANCE…

I am also stupid busy again and just don’t seem to have time to get everything done. Work is hectic, so is choir and there are various other things going on which are taking up lots of my time. What I didn’t have time for this morning was discovering that the place I parked my car has been turned into a suspended parking area in preparation for some work on the water mains. I don’t use the car often, and when I parked it wasn’t suspended. I was really lucky that I left home in daylight this morning and noticed that all the other cars had moved, otherwise I might have been towed away. Instead I just got a parking ticket – I have paid the £60 and written the briefest of appeals, all in bullet points, demanding a refund. Grrrr

I don’t usually talk about dating on my blog, but being busy is heading to the ridiculous at the moment. A bloke I was talking to about 10 days ago expressed an interest in going on a date. I don’t think he is really my type, more of the beer drinking sports watching type than the science loving music geek type that I usually go for. Anyway, on the basis of nothing ventured, nothing gained I decided to get in touch with him and arrange to meet up. So, I first met him on 15th Feb and the earliest we can actually meet up is 14th March…. how crazy is that? I had this problem with MrH too, we were both busy most of the time. Our evenings together often used to involve meeting up with my friends then leaving to go and meet his etc etc. Then there would be stretches of time where we just didn’t see one another at all. I suppose this is the problem of finding busy and self sufficient men attractive… they have no time. And as I have no time either, it doesn’t really work! Oh well, by the time it gets to March, I might not even recognise him 😉