I arrived at the shala at 6.35 this morning to find it full and two people waiting ahead of me. S also told me that there wasn’t anyone about to finish any time soon. If I am not on the mat by 6.45 I can’t get to work on time. Over the last couple of weeks it has been getting busy at 6.30, but until today, I have managed to get one of the last spaces. If this is going to become a regular occurrence I don’t really know what to do.

I can’t and won’t get up any earlier than 5.30. As I often rehearse on weekday evenings I would end up seriously sleep deprived as I don’t get back from rehearsal until 10pm which means getting to sleep before 11.00 doesn’t ever happen, and if I get up at 5, say, I only get 6 hours sleep, which really isn’t enough.

So, I didn’t stay at the shala, just turned around and left again. I went into the gym to see if I could use their studio to practice, but they have a pilates class on this morning. I am not keen on practising in the office, plus it’s cold in here at the moment as the heating has been off all weekend.

Boo hoo… I am sad.


I practised in the cold in the office.