I went to a yoga class with my old teacher yesterday, the teacher who ran my TT course. She is a prime example of someone whose ego has not been controlled by yoga. As a practice generally, I much prefer and get loads more out of my Mysore self practice. I can practice at my own pace and do not get interrupted.

L’s classes have an element of fun in that they are full of poses I don’t do in my every day practice, but really, as a yoga practice, it is useless. The standard really is so high that it becomes acrobatics that only she can do. Vinyasas where you hold a handstand for 5 breaths instead of down dog, vinyasas where you go into pincha then up and down into a scorpion variation 3 or 4 times before dropping over into urdvha dhanurasana then come to standing… The result is that you spend half of the class either watching her doing practice or spotting other people who are flailing around upside down. Don’t read that in a derogatory way please, I am no better than my fellow students! Surely a good teacher pitches their class to the ability of their students? At the end of the day, a class like this does nothing but feed her ego.

Anyway, it was nice to catch up with my old friends from TT, which was the real purpose of going ot the class.

In the evening I went Jive dancing with a friend. The event is held at the Rivoli Ballrooms, and was great fun as lots of people dressed up and there was a live band for the most of the night. It was my first time doing jive and although I was keen to go, I found myself very apprehensive when I got there. I really dread doing things that I am not good at, or even worse, don’t know how to do at all. It ended up being quite fun after some guy had literally DRAGGED me onto the dancefloor and I had overcome my fears. Yes, I was rubbish, but it can be fun anyway. I am thinking about going to some classes as I think I would probably really enjoy it once I knew what to do! Next time I need to find some men to come with us, even if they don’t know what they are doing!