A random title, inspired by a chocolate digestive. Something I wouldn’t normally eat, however, a colleague of mine left a pack in my custody and I seem to be having trouble resisting …

So, I thought I might write more than just about being Wonder Woman today, particularly as it has been a while since I wrote anything. I have been busy and not really found time to write. I was going to write something a few days ago but couldn’t log in, so it never happened.

Yoga is OK, practice is still practice, same-same but not really different either! The thing I am working on at the moment is backbending, in particular dropbacks. Most of the time backbending makes my back hurt, nasty pain in the muscles in the small of my back. This morning I was discussing this with D, I explained to her that it feels like all the bend is coming from my lower back, rather than my chest. She told me I was probably tensing my glutes too much, so today I tried engaging my quads and abs more in an attempt to open the upper back. Its the first thing I have tried that actually feels like it is making a difference in my execution of the drop back. I am almost, but not quite, looking forward to trying it again on Monday.

My favourite quote for the week is from my night out with V on Saturday night. A bloke, who was interesting but about as far from charming as you can get said “You get up at 5.30 in the morning to do yoga?! No wonder your boyfriend dumped you!“. Classic!