I don’t feel as though I have that much to say at the moment. I am not sure if that is related to my general state of mind or if it is related to my practice. I feel no particular urge to write down how busy the shala was, if it was hot, cold, or whatever. My practice is at a point which isn’t exactly uninspiring, but not inspiring either, if that makes any sense. I chug through primary, rather at a plateau. Some days stiff, some days not, but I can do all of the postures now and they come every day.

I am having a little pain in BK again after quite a strong adjust last week. I think that the pain comes from pushing my knees to the floor. If I am just encouraged forward and my hips grounded, then it’s ok. I actually had a fantastic adjustment at the end of last week where the adjuster hardly touched me at all, and probably got me just as far forward under my own steam as someone who physically squashed me down.

Backbending is still not popular – end of!

My concert yesterday went very well, despite the fact that on both Saturday and Sunday morning I was about a minute late and failed to get on stage for the rehearsal. I hate, hate, hate being late too, so I was quite distressed on Sunday to arrive late again, after a stressful drive around London due to a number or road closures to accommodate a Chinese New Year Parade. I really enjoyed the singing; the Glagolitic Mass has the chorus singing most of the way through, so is very enjoyable in that respect. None of the Newspaper reviews have been published yet, but this online review was nice about the chorus!