It has been yet another busy week and one without much yoga and far too much frustration. I don’t feel as though I have made any progress with the important stuff at work, but have just ploughed through hundreds of irrelevant files. I felt really unmotivated in the middle of the week, for which I blame the new moon. I certainly didn’t seem to be the only one feeling very sluggish.

I was back at the shala today though and had another really stiff practice. When I started I wondered if having done not yoga since Combat on Monday had shortened my hamstrings. But by the end of practice I actually think things were no different. I won’t have time to do anything this weekend really as I have a gruelling schedule of rehearsals, starting this evening and finishing up with a concert on Sunday night. In between rehearsals I will be in the office, catching up with stuff.

For the first time ever at the shala this morning I actually felt as though I could fall asleep in Savasana, so that is a good indication of how tired I am! Unfortunately there will be no lie-ins this weekend, so I have another 7 early mornings to content with. Not much time for early nights either.

I still haven’t really had the time to read the blogs I enjoy, comment anywhere or reply to personal e mails. Sorry folks, if you are wondering where I am, then I am still here and will get back to you eventually.