… or so my teacher said when I was panting from exhaustion doing the cardio part of her body combat class this evening. I kicked her arse in the sit ups, press ups and core strength exercises though…. ha ha, yoga is good for something 🙂 It’s the first cardio class I have done since last summer when she left the gym to go and work at Camp America. She used to teach a fab step class, but I enjoy combat too, and I know her well enough that I would feel guilty not going to her class, so it will keep me motivated to attend. I imagine I will hurt tomorrow, but no need to practice again till Friday (ladies).

My yoga this morning was nice, although it was mega busy again at 6.30, we had 9 people in the finishing room rather that the usual 8, and only an inch between mats – I felt a bit like a battery hen! Generally practice was good, strangely my back felt really open through practice, until back-bends, that is. I was rather disappointed as I was expecting great things! I did do 4 drop backs today though, which is an achievement! I am still a mile off standing up on my own, but it will come eventually, I am sure!