I am absolutely pooped. Not only does it feel like it’s been a long day, but that it’s been a long week. I feel very behind at work, and am sadly contemplating whether I am going to have to work again this weekend – two weekends in a row is not good. I have a habit of beating myself up about it, thinking that I am not working hard enough…. not sure if that is the case or not. Anyway, I have another half hour I could spend working, but I can’t find the energy to go on, so I am blogging instead. I don’t think singing in the evenings helps me really as I am literally on the go from 6.30 when I start my yoga practice until 9pm when I finish rehearsal, and have no down time at all, apart from half an hour getting up/getting ready for bed and the half hour on the tube at the beginning and the end of the day.

At work, I have just had a painful hour and a half dealing with a client who is aggrieved about a situation, which genuinely isn’t his fault, but he seems totally unable to split up the issues which are legal and must be dealt with using the legal framework, and issues which are emotional and lawyers are not interested in – wah …. enough about work.

I have been so busy that I have just had no time to blog, or even really read blogs. My blog feed has loads of unread items in it which I really want to catch up with. I even found a work related blog that I quite like reading, and I gave myself a brownie point because by following it yesterday, I found out about a change in practice before anyone else in the office mentioned it and was able to send out an e mail notification to my colleagues (shines halo!!). This is very good for someone who, honestly, isn’t a job geek at all and is good enough to get by but will never be a nose in the statute and case law kind of girl.

On the blogging note, I was very excited to receive a comment from the lovely D of The Girls Online. I was so excited I had to tell my secretary, she tried to show appropriate enthusiasm, but I suspect if I was telling her I had received an e mail from Coleen whatever her name is who dates Wayne Rooney, she would have been more excited! Anyway, for anyone who isn’t a regular reader here, or hasn’t dropped by The Girls’ blog, then I thoroughly recommend it!

Now that you have waded through all the detritus in my mind, I will mention that I did get up and practice this morning, despite having to wrench my head from the pillow and go out in rather cold weather. The practice was very good though, the shala was nice and warm (it wasn’t yesterday) and I got to do my whole practice in the main room (yesterday I was in the finishing room until ardha baddha padma pachimottanasana!). It was nice to have S back too and her strong adjustments, although I did feel like she might have preferred to remove my head from my neck rather that put my ankles over it in Supta K!

In a slightly yogic context, I was wondering this morning if daydreaming about new handbags constituted citta vritti? If so, then the yoga isn’t helping. In the end I had to get the bus to House of Fraser to buy a DKNY bag (and in the end also the matching purse), before I could get it out of my mind!

Anyway, that is enough rambling for one day, and my social life is calling me. I am looking forward to my night out, but would also love to be curled up in bed already…. Happy Friday everyone 😀