February 2008

I am just so tired. There are currently 4 VERY noisy Eastern Europeans in the flat next door. I ended up sleeping on the sofa for half of the night last night because it was too noisy in my bedroom. Probably if I didn’t go to bed between 9.30 and 10pm they wouldn’t disturb me so much. Whatever, I think they were being unreasonably noisy for any time of day. And I haven’t been able to do much yoga this week. Work is very busy, and these 4 consecutive days of singing are not helping matters. That said, I had a nice meal after rehearsal tonight with a friend. Back at Barbican tomorrow though, thankfully not until the afternoon.

I want to practice on Sunday, but I can’t quite figure out the logistics. I need to be at Barbican at 10, so I could get to AYL for 7.30 (in the car so no problem), then practice till 9, then head to rehearsal for 10. That’s OK, but I still have the shower problem. I could just about manage to do the rehearsal, but I really need to work in the afternoon, then I have the concert in the evening… hmm, I’ll have to think about it again and figure out a plan – I am just not sure I can do a whole day without showering! I just want to live in the centre of town… the time will come, I just need to be patient.

Now, I think I just have to go to bed. I need SLEEP. I need to do some prep work in the morning before rehearsal. Yawn. And I have a cold, which hopefully isn’t going to turn into a full on, can’t sing cold. 1 week to go and this little section of my life will be over, and to reward myself, I am going to cycle round the Isle of Wight for the weekend. Mad?


I was taking no chances this morning with my yoga practice and arrived at the shala at 6.10!! It was actually really nice to start off in the main room and do my whole practice in one place, which feels like it hasn’t happened for a while! I got the second to last space, so I can envisage that on other days I might well end up in the finishing room and have to do almost of of my practice in there!

I actually only got up 10 minutes earlier than usual, but was super organised and had got everything ready last night so that I could just pull my clothes on and go…. I think I was also lucky that a bus came straight away – a night bus (!) – then I got straight on a train too. I can see that on an average day, things wouldn’t be so quick.

Practice on the whole was OK. My forward bends are feeling a bit stiff, I don’t know if they are any different really but I was thinking that not practising every day might be having an effect. Nothing else seems to be different really.

And now, back to work, sign….

So, tomorrow I probably will get up earlier, because I am a yoga addict and I need my morning fix… I DO NOT WANT IT TO BECOME A REGULAR OCCURANCE…

I am also stupid busy again and just don’t seem to have time to get everything done. Work is hectic, so is choir and there are various other things going on which are taking up lots of my time. What I didn’t have time for this morning was discovering that the place I parked my car has been turned into a suspended parking area in preparation for some work on the water mains. I don’t use the car often, and when I parked it wasn’t suspended. I was really lucky that I left home in daylight this morning and noticed that all the other cars had moved, otherwise I might have been towed away. Instead I just got a parking ticket – I have paid the £60 and written the briefest of appeals, all in bullet points, demanding a refund. Grrrr

I don’t usually talk about dating on my blog, but being busy is heading to the ridiculous at the moment. A bloke I was talking to about 10 days ago expressed an interest in going on a date. I don’t think he is really my type, more of the beer drinking sports watching type than the science loving music geek type that I usually go for. Anyway, on the basis of nothing ventured, nothing gained I decided to get in touch with him and arrange to meet up. So, I first met him on 15th Feb and the earliest we can actually meet up is 14th March…. how crazy is that? I had this problem with MrH too, we were both busy most of the time. Our evenings together often used to involve meeting up with my friends then leaving to go and meet his etc etc. Then there would be stretches of time where we just didn’t see one another at all. I suppose this is the problem of finding busy and self sufficient men attractive… they have no time. And as I have no time either, it doesn’t really work! Oh well, by the time it gets to March, I might not even recognise him 😉

I arrived at the shala at 6.35 this morning to find it full and two people waiting ahead of me. S also told me that there wasn’t anyone about to finish any time soon. If I am not on the mat by 6.45 I can’t get to work on time. Over the last couple of weeks it has been getting busy at 6.30, but until today, I have managed to get one of the last spaces. If this is going to become a regular occurrence I don’t really know what to do.

I can’t and won’t get up any earlier than 5.30. As I often rehearse on weekday evenings I would end up seriously sleep deprived as I don’t get back from rehearsal until 10pm which means getting to sleep before 11.00 doesn’t ever happen, and if I get up at 5, say, I only get 6 hours sleep, which really isn’t enough.

So, I didn’t stay at the shala, just turned around and left again. I went into the gym to see if I could use their studio to practice, but they have a pilates class on this morning. I am not keen on practising in the office, plus it’s cold in here at the moment as the heating has been off all weekend.

Boo hoo… I am sad.


I practised in the cold in the office.

I went to a yoga class with my old teacher yesterday, the teacher who ran my TT course. She is a prime example of someone whose ego has not been controlled by yoga. As a practice generally, I much prefer and get loads more out of my Mysore self practice. I can practice at my own pace and do not get interrupted.

L’s classes have an element of fun in that they are full of poses I don’t do in my every day practice, but really, as a yoga practice, it is useless. The standard really is so high that it becomes acrobatics that only she can do. Vinyasas where you hold a handstand for 5 breaths instead of down dog, vinyasas where you go into pincha then up and down into a scorpion variation 3 or 4 times before dropping over into urdvha dhanurasana then come to standing… The result is that you spend half of the class either watching her doing practice or spotting other people who are flailing around upside down. Don’t read that in a derogatory way please, I am no better than my fellow students! Surely a good teacher pitches their class to the ability of their students? At the end of the day, a class like this does nothing but feed her ego.

Anyway, it was nice to catch up with my old friends from TT, which was the real purpose of going ot the class.

In the evening I went Jive dancing with a friend. The event is held at the Rivoli Ballrooms, and was great fun as lots of people dressed up and there was a live band for the most of the night. It was my first time doing jive and although I was keen to go, I found myself very apprehensive when I got there. I really dread doing things that I am not good at, or even worse, don’t know how to do at all. It ended up being quite fun after some guy had literally DRAGGED me onto the dancefloor and I had overcome my fears. Yes, I was rubbish, but it can be fun anyway. I am thinking about going to some classes as I think I would probably really enjoy it once I knew what to do! Next time I need to find some men to come with us, even if they don’t know what they are doing!

A random title, inspired by a chocolate digestive. Something I wouldn’t normally eat, however, a colleague of mine left a pack in my custody and I seem to be having trouble resisting …

So, I thought I might write more than just about being Wonder Woman today, particularly as it has been a while since I wrote anything. I have been busy and not really found time to write. I was going to write something a few days ago but couldn’t log in, so it never happened.

Yoga is OK, practice is still practice, same-same but not really different either! The thing I am working on at the moment is backbending, in particular dropbacks. Most of the time backbending makes my back hurt, nasty pain in the muscles in the small of my back. This morning I was discussing this with D, I explained to her that it feels like all the bend is coming from my lower back, rather than my chest. She told me I was probably tensing my glutes too much, so today I tried engaging my quads and abs more in an attempt to open the upper back. Its the first thing I have tried that actually feels like it is making a difference in my execution of the drop back. I am almost, but not quite, looking forward to trying it again on Monday.

My favourite quote for the week is from my night out with V on Saturday night. A bloke, who was interesting but about as far from charming as you can get said “You get up at 5.30 in the morning to do yoga?! No wonder your boyfriend dumped you!“. Classic!

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