I went back to the shala this morning. Sometimes when I have taken a couple of days off, my body feels supple and I enjoy my practice; this morning was not one of those days. Although my cold symptoms have subsided enough to allow me to breathe through my nose, I still feel a little tired and have a sore throat. The breathing did seem to help clear my airways, however, once I had finished, my dry and sore throat felt worse. Mentally it was nice to do the practice though.

My old indicator of whether my practice was good or bad was Supta K, but since I seem to be able to bind and cross ankles (with assistance) every day now, I don’t really have a specific ‘evaluation’ pose. I know that ashtanga shouldn’t be about evaluating each practice and labelling it good or bad, but it is still nice to have a pose which presents a bit of a challenge. It’s nice to be able to congratulate yourself sometimes and say, wow, that was a good xxxx asana!
I must confess to not doing drop backs today though, I had had a few head rushes during practice and didn’t really want to finish off with another… yes, a cop out, I know!

I feel like my attendance at the shala has been a bit poor this month. The shala didn’t re-open until 9th Jan, then there was ladies holiday, a few late nights, a ski trip and now a cold. For reasons that I can’t be bothered to discuss here, I will probably only pay to go to the shala three time a week in Feb, it will be a good test of my self-motivation to practice at home. In March I can re-assess and hopefully go back to my current routine.