Today I have had a much more constructive day than yesterday, that said, I haven’t done any yoga. Irritatingly I have got a bit of a cold, and although I feel fine, my nose has been running annoyingly all day.

I did end up going to the office this morning and worked from 11 – 5. I got much more done in that six hour period than I do in a normal 10 hour working day! I had decided to reward myself for my hard work by going to the cinema. As I don’t have a TV at home I rarely just sit and watch something. I was also looking forward to some enforced relaxation, even if watch a DVD at home on my laptop, I tend to get distracted whilst watching. Anyway, it wasn’t to be… I had decided to see the 5.30 screening of Atonement, but it was sold out. I did have an enjoyable walk through the city though, which is fun on a Sunday when all of the work rats aren’t running around! Once you get towards Covent Garden things get busy with tourists. I like the feeling of being totally anonymous in the city, just one of 7.5 million people, getting on with their day. The last time I can remember randomly meeting someone in London was about 5 years ago when I met an old school friend in the toilets at John Lewis on Oxford Street!

So, as an alternative to going to the cinema, I bought a guidebook to China and In Style magazine, and will enjoy some reading. I have been really inspired by the idea of going to China, and hope to go mid to end of March. I haven’t felt inspired to go somewhere for a while, so I am looking forward to it already. I may be able to expense the flight if I go and do a foreign attorney visit too!

I suppose I shall most probably go to the shala tomorrow, despite my cold. My old step teacher sent me a message telling me she was teaching a combat class at my gym tomorrow night too, so I shall try to go to that too, so I can catch up with her. I am then out every night for the rest of the week…. oh, how I look forward to the exhaustion already!!!