I have lots to do today, but have been procrastinating too much. I got up at 8 so had plenty of time to start doing things, like paper work, doing my laundry, generally being tidy, doing some reading, storing away my ski gear etc etc. I have a pretty free weekend, and have kept it that way so that I have time to do all of this important stuff. But, when I was pottering around this morning, I started feeling a bit down about having no plans and not seeing anyone, so I went to yoga, then had a little jaunt to the shops on my way home. It’s now 4pm and I have achieved very little, well other than yoga, making some lunch – stir fried veg and quinoa – which represents quite a cooking achievement for me. So now I have about 7 hours until bed time and lots to do… and I may well go to work tomorrow so I really do have to do everything in this 7 hours 😦

I have decided that for my next holiday I want to go to China. The terracotta warriors have whet my appetite for all things Chinese, so I want to I want to go and see them in context and see
the Great Wall and all sorts of other interesting Chinese things. Now I just need to find out when the best time of year to visit is, and see if I can interest anyone in coming with me; not that that is an essential, but would probably be more fun!

Now I must wrench myself away from the computer and do something useful!