I have far too much work to do – IT’S NOT FAIR!

I didn’t go to the shala this morning as my little jaunt to see the Terracotta Warriors meant I didn’t leave the British Museum until after 11pm so I wasn’t in bed until 12.30. The warriors themselves are really quite spectacular, although there are only a few actually at the exhibition. The underground site is supposed to cover 56 square KM, which is pretty amazing. The chambers uncovered thus far have revealed figures of warriors, entertainers, horses and carriages, even some birds. However, there was a total lack of any women figures, which my friend and I found a bit odd. There was no reference at the exhibition of this lack either. I am curious to know whether it was just that there were no women figures at the exhibition or if there are none at all? I now want to go to China and investigate further!

Anyway, I must crack on with work and not be distracted by the web world…. I’m going to a vinyasa flow class tonight to make up for this mornings lie in!