My practice today felt horrible. Even before I had finished the standing poses I was telling myself that I could finish at Navasana. All of my muscles felt stiff and heavy, but somehow I struggled through, yawning, to the end of my practice. My mind has been working overtime though, and the yoga didn’t calm any of those fluctuations. I wonder if feeling rubbish during practice distracts the mind from that comfortable relaxed state which should arise?

Other than feeling rubbish, I don’t think there was anything obviously wrong with the practice. It would be interesting to watch myself on a good day and a bad day and see if there is any noticeable difference.

I arrived at the shala a bit later today and it was still quiet enough to get straight onto my mat. I was late home last night so hadn’t had time to prepare my bag for the morning – I might have to start doing the whole weeks worth on a Sunday! Tonight I have more singing then am going to the British Museum to see the Terracotta Warriors, so it will be a very late night for me… Why do I occupy myself to the point of exhaustion?!