Now I am back. Skiing was very fun, snow on the first night, then sunshine all of the way until I left Italy! Unfortunately, last week also saw my failure at WoYoPracMo, the intentions were there, and I did practice on the three days I was skiing, but on the day I travelled out and the day I travelled home I just had no time to practice, unless you count an improvised krounchasana type pose on the plane… It amused me that I could stick my leg straight up so that it could be seen over the top of the seat and I wondered what people behind me might think I was doing!

It was back to the shala as usual this morning. I was expecting my practice to be fairly awful, but other than very tight Achilles, everything was fine. I got pretzelled into supta K without difficulty, and even withstood my first adjustment of the year in baddha konasana without experiencing any pain.

I am feeling rather like I have bitten off more than I can chew with my singing. I have 3 concerts looming with one choir, then a further concert with another. Tonight and tomorrow I won’t be home before 10pm, so the early starts for yoga will not be easy.

Here is me on a mountain, I didn’t manage any poses with skis on, so if you want themed yoga/activity photos, please see Laksmi’s blog (where I am a lurker!).