Why is it that I feel so much more tired today after about 8 hours sleep that I did yesterday when I had only had 5 hours????

Practice was fine, I started off right next to the radiator, which was just too hot. Fortunately it seemed to be quite quiet, so when the lady a couple of mats down finished and nobody came in to fill her space, I moved. I did my drop backs with D, as instructed. They were OK, although my back felt a bit achy straight after, but it was only temporary. Dropping down is easy, coming back wouldn’t have happened without a tug from D. Anyway, it’s early days and hopefully things will improve.

I now have a headache as well as feeling tired – boo, and am rather busy at work. Lots to finish before skiing tomorrow. I hope I will make it into the shala, but it depends on how laden I am feeling with ski boots, clothes etc etc.