This time last year I was practising at Yoga Thailand. At that time I was able to drop back having endlessly practiced on the beach during the previous month in India. When I went to drop back in the class, he told me to stop as I wasn’t ready, my hips were unbalanced or something. This morning as I was finishing up, D stopped me and said ‘tomorrow, you will add drop backs’. It’s funny that it has taken a whole year to be ready, but I do feel that my practice is much stronger now.

I think the yin I have been doing is helping with my yang! With this WoYo malarkey going on, even on the days when I might not have practiced otherwise, I have been sitting in the uncomfortable poses for a few minutes at a time, just gently stretching into them; I think it helps! I felt really open today, I am still not getting piriformis pains, and this is really enhancing my practice. BK was even a reasonable attempt today. I seem to be able to get further into it by spending time working at it, rather than being in pain and being squished.