I practised at home this morning with the stand in neighbour. We did primary standing and some of the seated poses, it took an hour, but I think we were going more slowly than I would if I were in the shala on my own. It all went fine, but I didn’t really feel like I stretched myself much. Not to worry, there is always tomorrow.

Last night I procrastinated rather too much, but I did some of the things on the list, just left all of the horrible ones:


1. prepare flat for cleaner tomorrow
2. go to cash point and get money for cleaner
3. do some yoga
8. have some dinner (optional, toast an acceptable alternative)
10. finish book!

Not Done:

4. read EPC 2000 statute which came into force on 13 Dec but I am yet to familiarise myself with
5. do some work work 😦
6. go through office accounts for December
7. pay bills
9. send off mystery customer reports (this will invoke a £150 payment so really should get it done)

I might manage to get some of these not done things out of the way this afternoon!