I am having a mini anxiety attack about work. All because I have a 3.5 day week. Having read Anna’s blog and thought about lists and then considered what I need to get done this week, I feel a bit panicky. I am out at an appointment tomorrow afternoon, have a meeting on Tuesday morning, then will have to leave reasonably early on Thursday to catch my evening flight – YIKES! I have some work at home, that I wanted to do this weekend, but I am rather engrossed in the book that I have started reading this weekend ‘The Thirteenth Tale’ by Diane Setterfield. It’s definitely a page turner and the kind of book I like, a captivating storyline, but not too sentimental.

I went to Dim Sum this lunchtime with a group of Uni friends, Dim Sum doesn’t make good lunch fare for vegetarians, there was nothing vegetable like other than vegetable dumplings on the menu, so I had three of those and some noodles, then lots of jasmine tea. It was a fun lunch though, then we walked from Bayswater through Hyde Park to Marble Arch. It was quite a touristy walk really, and we got accosted by a London Tour company on our way. My uni friends are a very mixed bunch, which is great as I love the cultural Diversity, but I can see why we might look like a group of tourists. We had D, from Indonesia, U from Sri-lanka, P and G are from Italy, E from Poland, J and E from Spain, then J an I are British, although J is a British Indian. In my 11 years in London I haven’t ever walked through the North Side of Hyde park, and had never seen the fountains at Lancaster Gate before, which are very pretty. I think I once ran along that part of the park during the Nike 10K, but I didn’t notice the scenery. We also stopped at Speakers Corner, another place I had never bothered to stop at before, there were about 10 people speaking, most of whom were talking about religion. I did joke that I could take up one of the spots and talk about yoga, or try and lead a yoga class. The wind was bitter though, so I don’t imagine anyone would have been interested.

So, now it’s 5pm, I still have lots of things that I ought to do for the rest of the day, but feel that I just want to finish my book. I also need to do some kind of yoga if I am going to satisfy the WoYo rules, but it’s ladies holiday, so it won’t be vigorous. I shalln’t practice at the shala tomorrow, but will go back on Tuesday. I am not going to get that many shala practices this week though, I’ll try and go on Thursday, but will have all of my skiing kit with me. We get back VERY late on Monday night, so I don’t imagine I’ll make it to the shala next Tuesday either. I did have a nice practice on Friday though, I have a blog post in the brewing, but I haven’t had time to finish it yet.

Anyway, now I must stop procrastinating and write a list or something!

1. prepare flat for cleaner tomorrow
2. go to cash point and get money for cleaner
3. do some yoga
4. read EPC 2000 statute which came into force on 13 Dec but I am yet to familiarise myself with
5. do some work work 😦
6. go through office accounts for December
7. pay bills
8. have some dinner (optional, toast an acceptable alternative)
9. send off mystery customer reports (this will invoke a £150 payment so really should get it done)
10. finish book!

Right, that is definitely enough things….