I was so pleased to actually make it to yoga today! I was subliminally worried about not waking up, so I didn’t sleep very heavily, so I am feeling a bit fuzzy around the edges now. Sleeping for a bit longer would have been nice, but I ended up going to bed quite late having been out for the neighbours birthday.

The birthday meal was fun, another yogi friend of ours ‘Toe’, was there too, he did his TT with the neighbour and makes a living teaching yoga and martial arts. The neighbour loves him, but be doesn’t really float my boat. Anyway, that aside, we had some interesting yoga discussions. I often disagree about things with the neighbour when it comes to matters yogic, so it was quite nice to have a third person to throw stuff into the equation! The neighbour really doesn’t like ashtanga, and will slag it off until the cows come home. This usually sets me up for a small explosion at her, so it was nice to have Toe on my side, agreeing that revisiting the same poses on a daily basis does improve your practice, and not having variety helps you to develop skills such as patience, rather than just stifle creativity.

Practising in the shala today was nice. It was not too busy either, probably things will pick up over the next couple of weeks though. I enjoyed my practice, although it was nothing out of the ordinary. It’s nice having D running things, she is good at communicating, and I saw her explaining stuff to many people today – good for her!