I feel shattered – I had a nice early start this morning and practiced with Vanessa and a couple of other super-keen ashtangis who couldn’t wait to practice at the shala before it reopens on Wednesday. It was a nice practice, no particular pain, other than residual muscle stiffness from Friday. Now it’s dark, oh how I hate winter time, and it’s only 4.30pm. Boo. I feel like having a nap.

For the next couple of days I am going to practice getting up earlier, so that getting up at 5.30 on Wednesday doesn’t kill me.

I am due to have a kitchen fitted in March. I haven’t had a kitchen since I moved in last summer, and from time to time in this cold weather, I do wish I had an oven. I’ve just had a quinoa salad, which was vaguely warm, but something properly cooked would have been nice.

Now, I think I will watch a DVD and do my ironing. Exciting times.