In honour of WoYoPracMo, I have just done a half hour pre-bed yoga stretch. As an ashtangi, I don’t often do a Saturday practice, and when I have in the past, I have felt it take it’s toll in the next week. I think my body likes a little break at the weekend, but with WoYoPracMo, I am learning that yoga practice needn’t full on ashtanga every day.

My back muscles are very stiff from yesterdays class, so I just did a very gentle practice with vinyasa, forward bends, twists and hip openers. In the past, I have worried that if I didn’t practice for any length of time I would lose my flexibility, but actually, a bit of time spent stretching allows me to stay supple, even without hundreds of vinyasa. That said, I am looking forward to getting back to a proper ashtanga practice tomorrow. It’s in my nature to like a solid sweaty athletic practice – sorry!

Despite my reservations about spending the day in my own company, I have managed to amuse myself fairly well. I did meet a friend for lunch, but I have also done some of my chores, been shopping, read a magazine and generally just chilled out, without even spending hours on the Internet.

The shopping was a bit dangerous, I went into Richmond where they have nice shops and I bought a couple of jumpers in Reiss, which is definitely one of my favourite shops at the moment and bought



skirt and a jumper that wasn’t on the website.

Oops, I should be saving my cash for skiing.. never mind!

P.S. Anna, you asked about my singing, I’m too lazy to write again, but refer you to this post here!