Having nothing to do makes me anxious. Well, when I say nothing to do, I mean nothing social to do. Perhaps I am scared of my own company, perhaps I am dull to spend time with? My mind wanders around the same old problems and thoughts, there are not enough fresh ideas. I do like to sit and read once I get engaged in a good book, but sometimes I even find it hard to get myself started with that!

Perhaps not taking the time to sit with myself and tackle my problems makes them harder to deal with? One way I try to deal with issues is to write about them, in notebooks, diaries, on my blog, wherever. There is something quite satisfying getting all of my ideas straight and processed – a bit like the lining up of yoga mats!

My practice today was a lead class at one of the yoga centres I used to attend before going to AYL. The yoga space is really nice, a lovely high ceiling and all white, however it does have MIRRORS. I really dislike yoga and mirrors, you find yourself checking out all sorts of things that probably aren’t important. There is nothing on the floor to line your mat up with though, just other yogi’s mats! The class was nice enough, quite a slow pace, and although 2 hours long, it didn’t feel like it covered an awful lot. No matter though, I think it was what the doctor ordered after a somewhat hectic day.

As a participant of this WoYoPracMo thing, I will do some yoga tomorrow, not sure what or when, but I don’t like to break something I have decided to do, so I won’t cop out! Over the past week I have certainly practiced where I might not have done otherwise, so I suppose it’s a good thing. Only a couple more days till I am back in the shala and dealing with my usual routine, so things will get easier.