I practiced this morning, but I needed 8 hours sleep, so I didn’t have much time. I made time by cutting out lots of half vinyasas. It was better than no practice at all though. Tomorrow, I will try and get up earlier. I just feel quite exhausted – my holiday was probably more tiring than my usual existence, with emotional turmoil to deal with, and by my filling all of my spare time with doing things and seeing friends. I rather wish seeing friends could involve slightly less drinking. Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice glass of wine and a chat, but whole nights out, just revolving around booze can get a bit tedious. I would generally much prefer to go to the theatre of a concert, or whatever. I’m rehearsing again tonight, and look forward to catching up with my choir friends.

I received an interesting New Year card today from a Taiwanese associate. The message contained in the card reads as follows:

Best Wishes for a Millennium Full of Blessings to You and Your Beloved

We could save the world and our health by cutting the meat consumption to half!
Let’s try it together!
(and hope those meat growers will file more patents…)

A nice thought I suppose – addressed to Mr Clare too!