I shall start my 2008 entries with another sunrise picture. This year it isn’t the first sunrise of 2008, but actually about a week ago. This is sunrise over South East London, the sun is ascending just over Hammersmith bridge. This morning I wasn’t awake for sunrise, and judging how gloomy and overcast it looks today, sunrise would be nothing to write home about!

My new years eve was fun, going from bar to party to bar. I did feel rather like I was about 10 years older than everyone else out celebrating, and I probably was! I managed not to turn into an emotional wreck by moderating my alcohol consumption, although midnight did feel slightly depressing.

Whilst getting ready to go out, I was having a browse through my friends pages on facebook and found that someone that I met travelling 2 years ago died a couple of weeks ago. Finding out over the Internet seems very strange. He wasn’t a great friend, but I got on well with his sister, who for a while practiced yoga with me when we got back to London. She lost another of her brothers a few years ago, so I cannot imagine how she and her family are feeling. Events like this really do remind you of how fragile life is and that we must live life to the full.

I like the idea of summarising the previous year by reciting your first blog entry of each month, so I shall replicate the idea here:

January 2007

February 2007
I am still here in Thong Nai Pan, although my departure is imminent – mostly because I need to leave the country before my visa expires on Wednesday!

March 2007
My flight into Delhi was another one plagued by bad weather and turbulence, and as a consequence we circled Delhi for an hour before landing and were an hour late to land.

April 2007
I don’t want this to turn into a rant – but I feel in a ranting mood.

May 2007
It seems that I may have been engaging my jalandhara bandha a little too enthusiastically.

June 2007
(Caffeine and Carbohydrate) It was my intention to try and do Friday without either, I lasted for about an hour and a half before running off to Eat for a skinny latte and a toastie – oops.

July 2007
I didn’t go to yoga this morning – I decided after yesterdays running efforts, that I deserved a break.

August 2007
(I’m back) And I am exhausted, work really started to take it’s toll after lunch… great.

September 2007
Life has been very busy for the last few days – in fact, it still is and I have about 4 minutes to write here.

October 2007
I have a really sore bruise just above my elbow, which I think comes from garbha pindasana I’m not sure what to do about it!

November 2007
David Swenson is doing two Mysore style mornings at Triyoga in December.

December 2007
This last couple of weeks has been rubbish on the actually doing yoga front.

So, that was 2007, now it is 2008. I hope every one of you has a very happy and fulfilling year!